Buddy Holiday by Willa Okati

Tomcat Jones, Book 2

Loose Id

Paranormal M/M


Reviewed by Lisa


T.J. is positively giddy with happiness and horniness tonight.  This is the evening of Festivus. Therefore, T.J. plans to celebrate it alone with his lover, the wizard MacGowan, and without interruption thanks to all their friends.  Yep, being a familiar to a powerful wizard does have its’ perks.

The night is a wonderful mix of hot loving followed by steamy sex until some little sardines, ahhh undines, threaten to turn the evening of bliss into a furry, purry nightmare.  Magic is…well, magic when it works right but when it goes awry, well, just ask T.J.

A first person laugh out loud narration by none other than the witty T.J. puts Buddy Holiday front and center for readers to enjoy.  Humor and sweaty sex are the highlights in the first half of Buddy Holiday, followed by hijinks and emotional angst at the climax which culminates in a satisfying ending.  This story can be read as a stand alone even with the references to characters from the first tale.  I actually liked Buddy Holiday more simply because the entire focus is on T.J. and MacGowan. The first story is good, yet very busy with secondary characters.  If you are looking for a light hearted, genuinely funny and very sensual tale, look no further than Buddy Holiday.  It’s just the treat to indulge in!


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