Britt’s Protector by Shara Azod

Cobblestone Press

Interracial Contemporary Romance


Reviewed by Nikita Steele


Since the onset of puberty Britt Carmichael had always wondered why she couldn’t be sexually stimulated by anyone.  She had experiment both with boys and girls; yet, neither made the blood excitedly rush through her veins.  That was until Major Wesley Blair mistakenly kissed her senselessly when she was a freshman in college.  It’s been seven years since that unforgettable kiss and Britt was tired of waiting for Wes to make his move – it was time for Britt to claim her man.

As soon as he kissed her Wesley ‘Wes’ Blair knew that he had made a mistake.  Although she was eighteen years old, Britt Carmichael was still a child in his eyes.  Wes saw himself as Britt’s Protector not her prospective lover, so for the past seven years Wes made sure that he kept a watchful eye over her from afar.  But when a latest military assignment involved using Britt in her unknowingly manner to gain key information against a deadly enemy, Wes knew it was time to reinsert him self into her life, because no one used his woman as bait.

Britt’s Protector was scorching hot romance mixed with an action-filled plot.  Wes was a true Alpha hero to the core.  He was very strong-willed, alert and a tad bit arrogant – but hey what do you expect from a military professional.  Britt proved to the perfect match to Wes’ domineering qualities.  Although, she knew how to push his buttons in order to get what she wanted; like a bona fide Coronal’s daughter, Britt understood Wes’ limits.  The couple’s relationship was filled with heated passion and suspenseful drama.  This is one story not to be missed!  Thanks go to Shari Azod for an excellent and captivating read.


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