Bought and Paid For by AKM Miles


M/M Contemporary


Reviewed by Ley


Deacon Wagoner had to make a tough decision two years ago.  Faced with an ultimatum Deacon gave up the love of his life and broke both their hearts in the process. Now things have changed and Deacon is determined to win back Dr. Parker Easton, the man who has invaded his thoughts and dreams for the past two years.


Parker still couldn’t believe he was allowing himself to be auctioned off on a bachelor auction and further more, he couldn’t believe the ridiculously high amount that was being offered for him.  If the high price he was able to bring in wasn’t enough to stun him, finding out his ex-boyfriend was the one doing the bidding certainly was.


Heartbreak, sabotage, blackmailed, and sweet reunion, Bought and Paid has it all and two fantastic lead characters that helped to make it all plausible. This was a great story. A quick read, but very enjoyable. When Deacon and Paul broke up they moved on with their lives, however, it has been very empty. Especially for Paul because the whole thing came out of left field for him. I have liked AKM Miles’ writing in the past and Bought and Paid is another example of why I enjoy her books so much.


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