Born of Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon

The League. Book 1

St. Martinís

Sensual Paranormal

ISBN 978-0-312-94230-4

Reviewed by Nannette



Nykyrian Quiakides was one of The Leagueís top assassins, but he became a hunted man himself when he refused to carry out an assignment. Years later, Nykyrian is surprisingly still alive and now leader of The Sentella, a group of secretive and elite individuals who save the innocent and kill the villains.  Nykyrian and his men rescue Kiara Zamir, a powerful senatorís daughter, from brutal kidnappers. Saving Kiara should have been just another mission for Nykyrian, but it changed his life forever.  Nykyrian accepted long ago that he would always be alone and feared by those around him, so when Kiara is not repulsed by him, heís stunned. Heís an assassin, sheís a princess. Nykyrian knows he canít have her, but that doesnít stop him from wanting her.  

Nykyrianís emotional scars run even deeper than his multitude of physical ones. The suffering and abuse he endured is unimaginable. Nykyrianís longing for love, companionship, and acceptance is strong, but his self preservation instincts are stronger. It creates some serious inner turmoil for him. While Kiaraís life was pampered and sheltered, she is just as emotionally needy as Nykyrian. They find the comradery and passion their lives were previously lacking with each other. The sexual and emotional experiences they share are firsts for both of them, making moments that much more touching. Born of Night takes place in a universe where humans co-exist with other beings in an, at best, semi-peaceful existence.  Born of Night is full of excitement, action, and sensuality. It has twists and turns and many intriguing characters. I would love to read Darlingís story and I look forward to Synís. In a literary world full of tortured heroes, there are few who compare to Nykyrian Quiakides. Ironically, Kenyon has another character that I place in this exclusive group. No one brings tortured heroes to life quite like Sherrilyn Kenyon. There are similarities between Born of Night and whatís become Kenyonís tour de force -- the Dark Hunters. There are more than enough differences to set them apart, though. The League proves her writing has always been in a league all its own.


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