Bondage Betrayal by Lila Dubois

Liquid Silver Books

Contemporary, BDSM

ISBN 978-1-59578-609-8

Reviewed by Gianna



Roman and Savannah are in love and eager to discover the world of BDSM together as Dominant/submissive. A weekend spent at the home of a well known Dom was supposed to take their relationship into the next level, but something goes terribly wrong. Their host convinces Roman that Savannah needs more training and he volunteers to help them. All Roman has to do is give her to him. Five years later, lies and bitterness still separate them. Will the truth finally come out? Can their love finally put the past to rest?

Bondage Betrayal is a wonderful read. This story has love, lies, and lots of play. Savannah and Romanís love is put to the test and sadly, it comes apart. Honestly, this story made me cry for both of the main characters. Savannahís complete trust in Roman brings her terrible pain at the hands of another and she comes away completely changed. When they meet again five years later the past comes crashing down on her and Roman finally realizes that he was lied to. I found myself awake at two in the morning desperate to reach the ending, not out of curiosity to see what happens, but because I was cheering for an ending worthy of the obstacles both characters had experienced. Ms. Dubois gently reminds us that love is all about absolute trust and abusing it can break you.


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