Blood Prince by Stormy Glenn

Wolf Creek Pack, Book 4

Siren Publishing

Paranormal M/M


Reviewed by Lisa


Werewolf Devlin Morgan is responsible for returning the body of vampire Princess Adrianna to her brother, Prince Zacarius Ivinovav, by order of his alpha.  He braves the coven of the enemy to do his alpha’s bidding, yet one long look at the Prince makes his heart melt and his body harden with desire.

For hundreds of years Prince Zacarius has waited and wished to find his mate, the one person made just for him.  Zacarius cannot believe that fate has paired him with a werewolf, the vampire’s sworn enemy.

It turns out that one hot night mating the enemy isn’t the problem, but one mate lying to the other is a major deal.  On top of the mistakes the pair makes is the fact that someone is gunning for Zacarius and they don’t plan to stop until he’s dead.

 Book 4 in the Wolf Creek Pack series is titled Blood Prince and well worth the wait!  Blood Prince is a twisting journey of miscommunication and male pride put to the test by two very stubborn characters.  While there is one weak plot thread at the climax, it doesn’t take away from an otherwise solid character driven storyline.  Author Stormy Glenn always manages to come up with fresh, enjoyable plotlines in any series she writes and Blood Prince is no exception.  Blood Prince delightfully balances smoking hot encounters with entertaining misunderstandings.  Overall, Wolf Creek Pack is a fun series and Blood Prince is definitely a great addition readers won’t want to miss. Hopefully, Stefan will get a chance to find his mate in a future story. Hint, hint…


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