Blood Curse by Mychael Black

Blood & Fire

Changeling Press

Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60521-313-2

Reviewed by Lisa



A flourishing career as lead singer for the band Firestarter and a hot vampire boyfriend, life couldnít be better for Jason Summerfield these days.  Or so he thought until Jason realized that his secret admirer has become a dangerous stalker. 

Jasonís lover, Julian Kristados calls in a friend, fellow vampire Gabriel Walsh to help them figure out why the stalker is so fixated on Jason.  It seems that Jasonís past may be the answer to his imminent murder.

It is a mystery, a legacy, and several sinfully sexy guys seamlessly blended into an exciting story titled Blood Curse.  These characters were first introduced in Blood & Fire, but Blood Curse is easily understood as a stand alone story.  Multi-talented author Mychael Black has a way with bringing characters to life and Blood Curse is no exception.  Jason, Julian and the others will captivate you with their charm and wicked ways.  A solid suspenseful plot, smoking hot sex scenes, and fast pacing, Blood Curse is a guilty pleasure for readers to enjoy.


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