Blind Date by Sophia Titheniel

Damonís, Book 2

Changeling Press

Fantasy M/M Ė BDSM

ISBN: 978-1-60521-350-7

Reviewed by Lisa



Damonís is one of the hottest clubs on the West Coast.  Ownerís Damon and Alyan came up with the very popular Blind Date Nite, where anonymous people can hook up and use the rooms upstairs where anything goes.

Human bartender Jesse does his job well, quietly yearning for more.  When he admits to his nosy boss that heís a virgin, Damon figures out a way to rectify the situation for his shy employee.  Alagos, an Elf, has been a frequent visitor to the club, never picking the same partner twice.  What happens next is as much a surprise to the naÔve human as it is to the worldly Elf.  Talk about blown away!

Blind Date is a clever tale with endearing characters, a fun plot, and extremely raunchy sex.  For readers interested in an entertaining, fast paced and above all steamy tale, Blind Date is a worthwhile return to Damonís club.  Enjoyable erotica is found within the pages of Blind Date.


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