Bitter Creek's Redemption by TA Chase

AQP Allure

Gay Historical


Reviewed by Cassie



As a half-Indian, Eagle is accustomed to poor treatment from most people, white and Indian alike.  Only his mother’s people and a few select whites treat him well, which is why he helps the mortally injured Ralph Ramsey when the man comes to his home at night.  With the assistance of his half-brother Barking Dog, Eagle hides Ralph’s horses and posts a letter to his family.  He plans to wait until a family member arrives and hand everything over to that person. 

Travis Ramsey is his family’s “Helper”, a man chosen each generation to settle disputes and protect the family’s interests by any means necessary.  He expects to come to Bitter Creek and kill someone as revenge for Ralph’s death.  He doesn’t expect to get involved in a bloody land war, or to meet Eagle.  Travis’s job is dangerous, but wanting Eagle is even more so…

Bitter Creek’s Redemption is an old-school Western with a twist.  Sensitive readers will probably want to avoid it, because there is quite a bit of violence, blood, and even death.  Anyone who can deal with the range war violence will find Bitter Creek’s Redemption action-packed and emotional in an understated way.  Eagle is a great character.  He’s intelligent, skilled with horses, and both philosophical and bitter about his status as a reviled “half-breed.”  Eagle is the type of character who doesn’t trust easily, but once he does he’s loyal to the end.  Travis is similar to Eagle in many ways.  He doesn’t trust people, and his job as the family’s enforcer keeps him lonely and distanced from those around him.  Both Eagle and Travis are surprised by their attraction.  Watching them slowly succumb to it while fighting to stay alive kept me turning the pages.  In Bitter Creek’s Redemption, TA Chase has penned a gritty, action-packed story with enough sweet emotion to satisfy romance fans.    


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