Bite Me by Adrienne Bishop

Noble Romance


ISBN 978-1-60592-007-8

Reviewed by Indy



Working her way up to general manger of a high-end hotel ensure Holly Mitchell was one of the best in the business but also placed a target on her back from her rival Tristen Reese. Tristen, the GM for her boss’ brother’s hotel has been one step ahead of Holly for the past two years. Stolen accounts, mix-ups and mishaps are only some of the ways Reese has caused chaos in her life.  

Now her job is on the line, the brothers have decided to retire and the top two candidates for the management of both companies are Tristen and herself. There is no way she will allow a scheming vulture take the position she’s earned. 

After some prodding from close friends Holly decides to enjoy a fantasy vacation before the competition for her ultimate job goes into full swing. A weekend spent in Paris living out her wildest dreams of a rogue lover calling the shots in the bedroom until she’s weak from pleasure.  

An adventure in Paris turns into a chance meeting that just may prove to Holly there are more important things in life, like a debonair man with warm eyes who’s blessed beyond her wildest imagination.  

When you take two wildly competitive people with a competitive drive and throw in the ultimate job opportunity, nothing but fireworks is to be expected. Bite Me takes on a comedic style from first chapter. With an easily riled heroine and a cool, calm and collected French man what I initially thought would be a basic romance took a turn for the extreme. Chuckles, laughter and a few heated blushes were just a couple of my reactions to a story that turned out to be pretty interesting. Tristen I found to be intriguing whose value rose as his feelings for Holly grew. The only major flaw that stood out in the way this story was written was a scene where Tristen and Holly and talking and Adrienne Bishop garbled her words to resemble a person with a stuff nose. I really do believe readers are able to imagine what the person sounds like without the dialect being written in a way that’s not appropriate. Outside of this slight quirk I really enjoyed Bite Me and am interested in seeing Adrienne Bishop comes up with next.


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