Bewitching Purpose by Destiny Blaine
Blending Bloodlines, Book 2
Erotic, Paranormal
ISBN: 67-201-107-403-2
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Matilda was determined to go back in time and revisit her past life to discover what type of woman she use to be.  Yet, the more she tried, the more her husband, Armand, blocked her path.  He believed that she needed more time as Matilda before she returned to her lethal, old habits as the Blood Countess, Erzebet Bathory. 

Armand was determined to keep the evil, very powerful vampire-witch, Erzebet Bathory, from reawakening within Matilda, because if Erzebet was to regain her powers, then all hope would be lost and pure evilness would once again rule the world.  But Armandís task at hand was becoming harder with the passing of each day, because Matilda, with her magic-like charm and her strong-mindedness proved to be an alluring temptation that Armand found hard to refuse. 

Destiny Blaineís Bewitching Purpose is book two in her Blending Bloodlines series and it picks up a year after where its predecessor left off.  Yet, it is a stand alone novella within its own right.  To get a true since of Matilda and Armandís history I would suggest reading book one, Bewitching Bite.  Although, Matilda and Armand had been together for a year, and while the sex was scorching hot between them, there was still a major supremacy struggle going on between them.  This couple definitely had a love/hate type of relationship that didnít seem like it would ever find a medium ground.  Ms. Blaine ended this novel with a surprising cliffhanger that has me eager to get my hands on the next installment within this exciting series to discover just whatís in store for Matilda and Armand.


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