Best Wishes Always by Lucy Finn

Signet Eclipse


ISBN: 9780451227492

Reviewed by Niki Lee



Larrie Smith, owner of an antiques store in rural Pennsylvania, is still recovering from the death of her husband.  When offered the chance to buy an entire estate of British Indian furniture, Larrie jumps at the chance to have such beautiful pieces to sell.  But someone else wants the antiques, too, specifically one particular piece. 

One of the conditions of taking the furniture is that Larrie keep an old lamp with her at all times.  As she tries to clean up the lamp, a genie pops out.  Jo Trelawney is handsome and sexy, but he has secrets of his own.  When he takes Larrie back to his time in the Raj, her life in both the future and the past, changes completely.

While I enjoyed Lucy Finn’s previous genie novel, Best Wishes Always did nothing for me.  It was full of clichés and stereotypes.  It could have been a great story, but I found myself rolling my eyes at the predictability of the plot more than once.  The characters were mostly cardboard and the subplot with Larrie’s best friend and the possibly-bad antiques dealer seemed like it was thrown in more as an afterthought than as a plot device.  I would read another of Ms. Finn’s books, but I think I will stay away from her genie series.


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