Best Vacation that Never Was by Lynn Lorenz

Loose Id

Gay Erotic Contemporary


Reviewed by Cassie



Troy Hastings is ready for the time of his life.  Tomorrow, he’s supposed to leave on a cruise with his friends, and he plans to use the time to catch the man he’s been lusting after for months.  Instead, his apartment building catches fire, leaving him clinging to the side of the building wearing nothing but a towel.  Fortunately, a fireman rescues him.  Unfortunately, he’s lost everything, including his cruise tickets and all his clothing.

Jason Cooper is a little surprised by his attraction to the sexy man in a towel he rescues from a burning apartment building.  He decides to go check on the guy.  When he finds out that Troy has nowhere to go, he offers to let Troy stay at his place until his friends get back from their vacation.  Will a week be long enough for Jason to show Troy how good things could be between them?

I really enjoyed Best Vacation that Never Was.  It starts out with some pretty gripping action in the form of the fire at Troy’s apartment building.  After that, the story is by turns sweet, funny, and hot.  Troy, who’s a bit naïve on the love front—although he doesn’t think so—is also very resilient and tough when he needs to be, but with a hint of vulnerability that made me want to hug him.  Jason is protective and caring like a good fireman should be.  He’s also insecure at times, and a little bit kinky.  His determination to give Troy a lot of fun experiences to replace the vacation he lost was sweet.  Troy and Jason really seemed made for each other, and I couldn’t help rooting for them to get together.  Best Vacation that Never Was is a fun, hot, quick read with some sweet emotion, making it a great mini-vacation from the real world.          


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