Bend Me Over by Sierra Cartwright

Hawkeye, Book 2

Loose Id

Erotic BDSM

ISBN 978-1-60737-442-8

Reviewed by Nannette



Aimee Inamorata is a scientist working on a top secret project for Hawkeye, Inc., a security company. When her home is broken into, her sister sends a team led by Trace Romero to protect her. It doesnít take long for Trace to find out everything he needs to know about Aimee, including her secret interest in BDSM. Trace decides to introduce her to the lifestyle, whether she likes it or not, because he knows, deep down, itís exactly what Aimee wants. Trace still has a job to do, though, and when the bad guy gets too close, the job becomes personal and Trace will do anything to protect his woman. 

Trace is high-handed, arrogant, and very sexy. I wanted to dislike him for that arrogance, but itís that quality that makes him irresistible. Aimee is more than willing to follow Traceís orders, but sheís no shrinking violet. She is independent and strong, but she likes what Trace gives her. Circumstances thrust them together and neither of them are prepared for the intense connection they share right off the bat, but itís real, intense, and impossible to deny. Bend Me Over is full of Traceís hard core dirty talk, sizzling sex, and the lighter side of BDSM. There is witty banter, a slight edge of danger, and a hilarious parrot.  Bend Me Over is an erotic romance with heat and heart.


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