Belling the Cat by Julia Talbot

Torquere Press

Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60370-799-2

Reviewed by Lisa



A master thief by trade, feline shifter Luc breaks into the offices at the club Bloodrose to steal some papers in the safe.  Unfortunately for Luc, the owner, a vampire named Jonny catches him in the act.  Words are exchanged and promises are made.

The following week Luc begins his agreed upon nightly visits where things get hot and heavy between them.  Over time lust and desire becomes something much deeper.  During the same period Lucís life is threatened.  Before Jonny and Luc can make any future plans together they need to discover just who wants Luc silenced, forever.

From the first page to the last, Belling the Cat is a sensuous tale of heart pounding passion.  The plot is also suspenseful and mysterious, but itís the chemistry between Jonny and Luc that makes Belling the Cat so enjoyable.  Their emotional growth is what will keep readers enthralled with this story.  Some questions arenít fully answered by the end so Iím hoping that another tale is coming sometime soon.  Belling the Cat is sweaty, sticky, and totally lickable.


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