Basic Flight Maneuvers by Shara Azod

Anchors Away series

Lulu Publishing

Interracial Contemporary Romance


Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Pippa Tanner couldn’t stand military fighter pilots.  To Pippa they all sported arrogant, cocky attitudes and believed that the sun rose and set on them.  So, why was she secretly wishing for a romantic interlude with Flight Captain Seth Austin?

Seth Austin couldn’t understand why Petty Officer Pippa Tanner continuously gave him the cold shoulder – especially when there was a strong attraction between them.  Well, Seth was tired of Pippa’s denial state.  The time had come for Seth to claim his woman.

Will Seth be able to convince Pippa that the love between them was the real thing?

Shara Azod has a fabulous story on her hands with Basic Flight Maneuvers.  Just as military flightier planes take off at a high, expeditious velocity, the plot flowed at a swift, thrilling pace with no room to catch your breath until the very end.  From the start, Pippa and Seth's relationship was an explosive passion filled adventure with countless sizzling, hot sexual encounters and a little drama thrown into the mix just to keep things interesting.  They both were strong-willed individuals with completely different personalities that work so well together.  Readers, you can’t go wrong with Ms. Azod’s Basic Flight Maneuvers.


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