A Question of Love by Jess Dee

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60504-824-6

Reviewed by Jo



Gabe Carter walked away from the woman he loved, believing that he was sticking to the agreed arrangement with his best friendóthat while they may share a woman, she stays with the man who brought her into the relationship.  However, itís been four years and to top it off, that same best friend just got involved in a relationship that doesnít include him or Tina.  Gabe is now going after the woman he walked away from, hoping itís not too late.

Tina Jenkins lost more just than a mťnage when Gabe walked away.  She lost both the men she loved with no explanation as to why their relationship was destroyed.  Tina has tried to move on, but no relationship has been even close to what she had with Gabe and Connor.  The last thing she expects is for Gabe to show up at her favorite coffee shop.

Gabe doesnít realize just how terribly his decision affected Tina until she all but walks away from him.  Gabe is desperate to show Tina that he is all she needs to have the relationship she has dreamed of.  Tina isnít really sure that she even wants to give Gabe another chance.  But the attraction she felt hasnít disappeared at all.  Tina believes she needs both men that she loved in order to have her heartís desire.  After her last heartbreak, can she risk believing in a man that first broke her heart?

When you played by the rules, and lost, can you still get a second chance?  A Question of Love proves that sometimes the games men play can hurt, whether meant to or not.  Gabe did what he believed was the right thing and now, years later, after doing the right thing again, he is ready to fight for the woman he left behind.  Tina never knew the rules of the game, only the huge heartbreak that was the result.  When Tina tries to give Gabe the boot a couple of times after his sudden reappearance, I was agreeing with her.  I could see Gabeís desperation to make up for his actions but I wasnít sure that it would go smoothly for him.  Watching Tina discover just what Gabe means to her was great and even better was Tina proving it to Gabe.  A Question of Love is proof that everyone deserves a second chance at a wonderful love.


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