A Pirate's Life for Three by Amber Carlton

Siren Publishing

Erotic, Historical, Menage


Reviewed by Klarissa



Quinn Blackwell, an ordinary man living in Jamaica, has found his life turned upside down when a terribly huge storm crashes through his land, killing people, and ruining his estate, Sugar Bay.  Blackwell turns to Richard Cross, who has helped him once before.  Cross will help Quinn, but only under certain conditions.  Quinn must find Cross's daughter who has been missing for about a year.  Once Quinn finds Katherine, he must then marry her.  Quinn has no desire to marry, and especially not Cross's daughter who looks cold and unfeeling.  Yet, Quinn uses the excuse of finding Katherine to hunt down a missing journal that once belonged to Silas Watkins, a person who had gotten captured by pirates along with Quinn and who he believes is still alive.  Silas has an idea written in his journal that could help Quinn build a new life.  Little does Quinn know that his journey to find the journal will put him right at Katherine's feet.

Captain Kit Savage has left her dreadful, confining life behind and has found heaven on the open sea.  As Captain of the Black Rose, Kit has found a new way to live where she makes all the rules.  Even the ones regarding her body.  Kit finds sharing her body with James Kingsley fun and exciting, but she doesn't want to marry him, no matter how much he wants to marry her.  Then she meets up with Quinn Blackwell who says he wants to work with her on her ship.  Quinn's sexy demeanor is a dessert that Kit can't pass up.  But she won't let go of James either.  Life on the sea is dangerous.  With Kit, James, and Quinn this adventure could be a killer.

A Pirate's Life for Three is fast paced and exciting.  I loved how easily this story flowed from one point to the next, I couldn't wait to see what was around the corner.  It was hard not to skip ahead and see what was coming up, but then I didn't want to miss one page.  Kit, Quinn, and James were great characters who showed depth and emotion.  I felt as if they could be real people.  I truly enjoyed this pirate story and I look forward to reading more from Ms. Carlton.


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