An Imitation of Life by Karma Eastwick

Amber Quill Press Ė Allure

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60272-589-8

Reviewed by Lisa



Life is tough at the best of times, especially in NYC, but Mars Manchester figures if he can handle growing up gay, he can handle the climb to a successful acting career.  At least his family is behind him all the way.

Of course things have been a little dicey lately after moving out of the apartment he shared with Warren, his ex before he had somewhere else to crash.   But as luck would have it, Mars meets another struggling actor who offers to share his place.  Reed Keeting couldnít be a nicer guy, a nicer straight guy that is. Thank God he doesnít have a problem with Mars being gay.  If fact, Mars realizes that there are only two tiny problems with the living arrangements once he moves in. Reedís current girlfriend, Niki Wiggins, is annoying as hell and itís getting harder by the day to hide the growing desire he feels for Reed.

An incredible opportunity comes along for Mars when his agent sends him to a reading for a part in a daytime soap opera.  Destinyís Storm is sinking in the ratings and needs new blood.  If Mars can nail the role it would be fantastic for his career.  Plus, it would get him out of the apartment, away from lusting after the delectable Reed, and the desire to wring Nikiís neck.  Thereís only so much a guy can take, even a gay one.

Fun, fast paced, and very steamy, An Imitation of Life will heat you up and put a smile on your face at the same time.  Witty dialogue headlines a pair of engaging main characters sure to charm readers.  Mars leads the way in this tale with his realistic take on life in the Big Apple while Reed deals with more complex woes such as his family and his love life.  Although the entire story is good I did feel that perhaps a chapter or two could have been trimmed without harming the overall plotline.  Having said that, itís enjoyable to watch this story unfold and play out.  An Imitation of Life is a refreshing take on lifeís ups and downs with solid characters who involve you in their lives.


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