Angelís Peak by Robyn Carr

Virgin River Series, Book 10



ISBN: 978-0778327615

Reviewer: Melissa



Four years ago Franci Duncan made the mistake of asking her boyfriend, Sean Riordan, where their relationship was heading. The answer she received led to harsh words that neither could take back and while the Air Force transferred Sean to another location Franci left the service and disappeared. Now Sean stumbled across her, the one woman heís never gotten over, and sheís got a huge surprise for him. His daughter Rosie! Now Sean has determined that not only will he have his daughter but heíll also get Franci back. But that maybe easier said than done. With the history they share and Seanís pending deployment to Iraq can they find the love that once shared and build on it to make a family?

Angelís Peak is another wonderful chapter in Robyn Carrís Virgin River series. Franci and Sean twist themselves around your heart making you yearn for their happy ending. I admit it, Iím addicted to the Virgin River series. I just cannot get enough!


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