Alpha Males by D.J. Manly

eXtasy Books

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-55487-380-7

Reviewed by Lisa



Romantica-Dream Productions have a winning combination in actors Jade Hill and Sandy Heyer.  For the first time a gay themed series of films are solid hits with the public.

In the beginning Jade and Sandy are lovers off screen as well as on screen.  But as time goes on, Sandy wearies of forgiving Jade his many indiscretions. Sandy threatens to leave Jade as well as the new starring role with him in Taboo.

In the meantime the studio hires Derrick Andrews to star opposite Jade.  The sparks are there, the chemistry is there and so is the antagonism.  It seems that Jade is no longer the only alpha on the set.  Neither is willing to give an inch yet one will have to submit before this film is wrapped for good.

Alpha Males strikes an interesting balance between emotional maturity and smoking hot sexual encounters.  Basically, Jade is a good actor and a man-whore.  Derrick’s involvement opens Jade’s eyes to something he’s never before experienced – an emotional and physical bond with another.  The carnal moments are steamy, the dialogue sharp and witty, topped off with a satisfying ending.  Alpha Males is box office entertainment in story form.


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