All Jacked Up by Lorelei James

Rough Riders Series, Book 8



ISBN: 978-1-60504-684-6

Reviewed by Tanya



Keely is the lone girl in the large McKay family, and has long been thought of as a certified pain in the… What everyone fails to see is that while she was a wild girl, and the wild can still be enticed out, she has grownup and completed school and is well thought of in her field.  Now she is trying to make her dream come true without the help or knowledge of her meddling family.  She is in need of a restoration specialist because the building she has purchased for her clinic has to be restored correctly.  She never counted on Jack Donohue being the one shows up as the consultant.

While these two are like oil and water they each need something that the other can provide and a bizarre deal is struck.  Jack will take on the consulting job if Keely acts as his fiancé, which he needs to land a prestigious job in Utah.

What will happen when these two head strong individuals slow down long enough to determine that this farce might just be the real thing?  It seems everyone believes their story and there might just be something to that.

Keely, the girl McKay finally gets her own story and a fun one at that.  All Jacked Up starts out with a bang and it continues throughout the entire story.  I love that the characters know each other but can only see the bad things and not the good, until they are forced to spend some time together.  I thoroughly enjoyed All Jacked Up and look to see these two characters lives updated, as side updates, in future Rough Rider stories.  Any fan of this series will have to have Keely’s story as part of their collection.  While it is a standalone story you will better appreciate it if you read others in the series first.


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