Afterthought by Cat Kane

Liquid Silver Books

Fantasy M/M

ISBN: 978-1-59578-579-4

Reviewed by Lisa



The world is secretly divided between the unknowing humans and the Path who are gifted or cursed with telepathy, empathy or other extra sensory powers.  The Organization for Path Security or OPS monitors and deals with the rogue Path.

Telepath Vance Gregory has been with OPS for some time.  His gifts showed up earlier than most and stronger than almost everyone.  At one time Vance had a personal relationship with OPS leader Pietro Gratteri, but nowadays itís strictly business.

Underworld Path Marcus Rose not only controls far too much already, but now he is trying to chemically control even more, humans.  He is a threat that must be neutralized soon.  First order of business is capturing his lover Ayan.  There is something special about Ayan, but no one is quite sure what that is.  Some gifts canít easily be explained, nor can attraction it seems once Vance and Ayan meet.  The question is, will Ayan strengthen or weaken Vance in the battle to come against Marcus?

Afterthought is an intriguing, sexy tale with unexpected twists and turns along the way.  Clever, fascinating characters Ė heroes and villains alike make Afterthought more than your average fantasy tale.  There is a somewhat dark, moody gothic flavor to this modern day story that stands out which I liked.  Afterthought has an intense vibe revolving around a relationship, trust and fate.  This isnít Ďliteí entertainment, but it is definitely entertaining.


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