A Cherished Christmas by Stephani Hecht

The Drone Vampire Chronicles, Book 6

eXtasy Books

Paranormal M/M/F Mťnage

Reviewed by Shayna



Warlock Kavan is still settling into his new life with the rebel Drone vampire clan he and a small band of his fellow warlocks now live with.  His mate, Derik, has had an easier time adjusting and at least he eases Kavan somewhat, though of late heís been harping on finding the final member of their triquetra.  Witches and warlocks often mate in threes, forming a triquetra, and Derik swears their third is the vampire Cherish, the Drone clanís resident brain.  Kavan doesnít think thereís any way the skinny, nerdy Cherish could be their mate, but to make Derik happy, he promises to consider her.  To his shock, Kavan finds that Cherish is more desirable than he ever could have expected.  Now the question is if Kavan and Derik can seduce Cherish into spending the rest of her immortal lifetime with two magics.

Itís a red-hot Christmas with this sexy holiday addition to Stephani Hechtís engaging Drone Vampire Chronicles.  A Cherished Christmas pairs one of my favorite characters in this series, the brainy Cherish, with two sensual warlocks in a pairing that has so much potential.  I admit, I love that Ms. Hecht partnered the wallflower with two hunks who appreciate her mind and body.  Since meeting her Iíve wanted to see Cherish find happiness with a man who adores her, and itís even better that she has two.  All three protagonists in this story are incredibly likeable, so itís easy to cheer for them finding their happily ever after.  As Kavan and Derik are already in love, A Cherished Christmas is all about Cherish opening her heart to them and them opening theirs to her in return.

I really liked A Cherished Christmas, but I did wish it were a bit longer.  Things seemed to happen a bit too quickly, giving the story a rushed feel.  This was a pity, because if it were more fleshed out, I could see this tale moving from good to exceptional.  Still, A Cherished Christmas is a wonderful holiday story that can be enjoyed by all.  Fans of the Drone Vampire Chronicles will delight in seeing characters they adore get their own story and readers new to the series will be able to follow along with ease, as this romance stands fully on its own.  I hope to see more of Cherish, Kavan, and Derik together in future books, as Ms. Hecht has created one dynamic threesome in A Cherished Christmas!


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