Wine and Dine by Chris Owen

Used, Rare and Limited Editions, Book 3

Torquere Press

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60370-590-5

Reviewed by Lisa




The woodwork for the new book shelves is almost completed.  Carpenter Dave Allen is quietly pleased with his work; he knows that his boss and lover Archie McBain is satisfied as well.

Book shop owner Desmond Chase and his lover Wyatt Cole admit that they will miss having Dave working upstairs but they won’t miss all the mess.

Both couples are hoping to figure out a way to see one another, to date and explore their sexual desires.  Of course it would help if they could find the time in their busy lives to actually see each other occasionally.

Soothing one moment, scorching hot the next, Wine and Dine is a pleasurable read.  Wine and Dine is a fitting addition to a sexy, smart series.  Author Chris Owen certainly knows how to write hot entertainment.  Wine and Dine, worth the short wait and with any luck there will be more to come with these two intelligent, sensual couples.


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