Wild Horses by Selah March

Amber Allure

Amber Quill Press

M/M Contemporary Western

ISBN: 978-1-60272- 311-5

Reviewed by Ley




Blake Talbot need to get away, but itís very difficult to escape his mind.  Agreeing to go with his frat brothers on a vacation to a dude ranch in the Montana mountains, Blake hopes the change of scenery would offer him some peace of mind if only for a little while.  When he arrives at the Lazy C his already clouded mind is more disturbed when he meets hired hand Kris Killborn.  Starting a physical relationship with Kris may not be the best thing for Blake right now, but the attraction to Kris is too strong to fight.

Working on the Lazy C Dude Ranch is just to help Kris make money and get him closer to his dream of making it big as a singer in Nashville.  Kris never counted on his plans being derailed by falling for a privileged college boy with emotional baggage.  After spending time with Blake, what Kris planned to be a physical only relationship quickly surpass that.

Wild Horses is a fitting sequel to Seven Year Itch.  It tied up some loose ends from the prequel and brought to the forefront Kris Killborn, a character of interest from the prequel. Kris and Blake are good together and I really liked this story, although I didnít find it to be very climatic.  It was also great to read about Jamie and Rafe again, and I still think Rafe deserved better treatment than what Jamie shows him.  Lilah has the worst luck ever to keep getting herself in some very bad situations.  Luckily things work out nicely for her.  Blakeís friends aside from Dex were total jerks and I felt they deserved much worse than what they got in the end.  All and all Wild Horse is a good read, but I do recommend reading Seven Year Itch to get a better understanding of the characters and better enjoyment from the story.


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