What You Can’t See by Allison Brennan, Roxanne St. Claire, Karin Tabke

Three-person anthology



ISBN: (10) 1-4165-4229-9 (13) 978-1-4165-4229-2

Reviewed by Amelia




“Deliver Us From Evil” by Allison Brennan

Sheriff Skye McPherson has a massacre on her hands. Someone has slain twelve priests residing in a California mission. She’s determined to find the culprit and bring him, or her, to justice.

Demonologist Anthony Zaccardi knows the force behind the murders is a demon. He flies from Rome to the mission, where a friend of his, the only survivor of the attacks, resides. He’s determined to help Skye find the supernatural forces behind the slayings, even if she doesn’t believe they exist.

“Deliver Us From Evil” is a taut, suspenseful story that made me shiver. Both Skye and Anthony are willful characters, both firmly rooted in their believes about fact versus the supernatural. Watching them connect was a true pleasure, and seeing their feelings for each other develop balanced well with the criminal aspect of the tale. This story is a great start to this anthology.


“Reason to Believe” by Roxanne St. Claire

Someone is threatening TV psychic Arianna Killian, so she does what any sensible woman would do. She hires a bodyguard.

Chase Ryker is not just any bodyguard; he’s employed by the Bullet Catchers, an elite group of minders who are very good at their jobs.

Chase doesn’t believe in Arianna’s abilities. And Arianna is not sure he can protect her, when he thinks she’s a fake. But when someone takes a shot at her, and she has a few visions, Chase begins to think she may be telling the truth about her abilities. Now, he just has to figure out who is trying to kill her.

“Reason to Believe” is an action-packed romantic tale that was a wonderful introduction to the Bullet Catcher series. This was my first story in that world, and I devoured each word, enjoying both the characters and the setting. If Chase is any indication of the heroes in Ms. St. Claire’s books, I’m going to have to run to the bookstore ASAP. “Reason to Believe” is a definite keeper in my book.


“Redemption” by Karin Tabke

When cop Zach Garrett dies he finds himself on the way to hell, since he hasn’t lived the best of lives. He’s surprised then, when an unseen hand pulls him back, and he finds himself standing before Michael, who informs Zach he’s part of an ancient race of people, and his services are required to locate three ancient relics, and then protect the Starkeeper.

Zach’s former girlfriend, Danica Keller, doesn’t trust Zach very much; after all, he hung her out to dry to save his own skin. But when he miraculously awakens from what should have been a fatal car crash she’s stunned. She’s even more stunned to hear him spout a tale about relics and a Starkeeper, especially when he tells her she’s a huge part of the situation.

“Redemption” is a fantastic view of a universe that fascinated me. I love urban fantasy stories, and the one woven in this novella keep me glued to the pages. I would love to see more chronicles set in this universe. Zach and Danica fit perfectly together, and their fight back to each other’s arms was heart wrenching and beautifully written.


What You Can’t See did exactly what I want an anthology to do: it introduced me to three authors I hadn’t read before, and made me want to search out more of their work and see what I’d been missing. Definitely a job well done. This series of short stories will keep you up late at night reading.


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