Vision of Light by Amanda Hilton

The Renegades, Book 1



ISBN: 1-933563-00-1

Reviewed by Zayn



Lucien Demarcus is a royal assassin and he takes his job very seriously.  His latest assignment is to kill a traitor to the Crown, Hayton Temple as well as Haytonís wife Aislan.  When Lucien meets Aislan, he goes against all of his training and saves her instead. Together Lucien and Aislan go on the run while Lucien tries to figure out why Aislan was marked to be killed.

There is more to Aislan than meets the eye, more than even Aislan herself knows.  As Lucien helps Aislan uncover her hidden powers they fall in love but danger is ever present.

Vision of Light chronicles Aislan awakening to her powers.  To protect Aislan, Lucien has to fight outside forces as well as his own beliefs and he is obviously torn.  I was happy when their relationship flourished despite the odds however, I felt cheated in the end because although I had the answer to who really wanted Aislan dead, Lucien and Aislan didn't.


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