Trick My Truck But Donít Mess With My Heart by LuAnn McLane

Signet Eclipse

ISBN-10: 0451222865

ISBN-13: 978-0451222862

Reviewed by Emma




Candie returns to her hometown of Pinewood, Kentucky to help her twin sister, Sarah, run the familyís used car business, following their fatherís heart attack. Sarah has recently broken off her engagement to her longtime love, Nick. Even though Candie has been living the past several years in Chicago, everyone in town blames her for the breakup, but no one will tell her why or what she did to cause the breakup. To make things easier on Candie, Sarah suggests Candie find a boyfriend.

Pinewood has a new Recreation Director at the local park. His name is Tommy Tucker and he is sexy. Tommy and Candie hit it off.  Will Pinewood let Candie back in the fold or will Tommy not be enough damage control? Can Sarah and Nickís relationship be saved?

Trick My Truck But Donít Mess With My Heart is a light, enjoyable evening escape. Ms. McLane writes of small town life and the effects of everyone knowing everyone elseís business. The reader takes pleasure in knowing how the book ends but the ride is well worth the time of indulging. I have not yet read a book by Ms. McLane that did not leave a smile on my face and a lightness in my heart.


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