Tower of Secrets by Samantha Lucas

Siren Adult Fairy Tale

Siren Publishing


ISBN: 1-933563-88-5

Reviewed by Tanya



Marina has been the hidden secret of her fatherís for years.  She longs for a family of her own and a man to call hers. When she accidentally stumbles upon a man (on the internet) who is a business associate of her fatherís, she knows she has finally found that man.  But, she also knows she will never meet him, as her father wonít allow it.

Sebastian has planned this for years, get the inventors patent and vindicate his father and step-mother.  He never planned on Marina though, and his instant attraction to her on the internet.  What will happen if he meets her face to face?  Will he be able to walk away?

While the concept of the proverbial princess locked in a tower is a long standing romantic story, I felt this adaptation left a lot to be desired.  Oh donít get me wrong the spicy physical scenes were there and the modern adaptations using computers were also there, but I felt the story to be cruel in many places.  Additionally if Marina was hidden from all and not allowed to interact with others how can she drive?  It felt to me that the story was rushed and definitely not the best showing of this wonderful authorís work.  If you want a Samantha Lucas story I recommend you pick up another of her stories first.  While Tower of Secrets was an interesting concept I would pass on this one.


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