Thoroughly Tempted by Lyric James
Interracial Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-514-4
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Sierra Morgan and her partner had worked very hard for the past two years to make Tempted into a very successful Florida spa resort.  While her colleague/best friend was away for a week, Sierra was looking forward to having the entire spa to herself. Her plans quickly changed, however, when a very handsome stranger invaded her private paradise.

Wesley Duncan needed to make an important decision Ė whether to remain a cop or to follow his dream of becoming a lawyer.  While recovering from a gunshot wound, Wesley was forced to take a week long vacation at his cousinís spa resort. Instead of focusing on his much needed rest and recovery, all Wesley could think about was tempting his cousinís colleague, Sierra Morgan, into bed.

Have you every wondered what it would feel like to be Thoroughly Tempted?  Well, author Lyric James created a spectacular example of how two unsuspecting people were Thoroughly Tempted into a heated love affair.  Sierra and Wesley were a well matched couple and the sparks exploding between them the first moment they met.  Although, they tried to ignore their desire for one another; however, passion and temptation took control and it wasnít long before Sierra and Wesley were heating up the sheets.  Readers, I would suggest finding a quiet, relaxing spot before diving into this story because you will definitely be Thoroughly Tempted into complete this novel in one uninterrupted setting.


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