The Sins of Their Fathers

by Emma Wildes and Lara Santiago

Siren Publishing


ISBN: 1-60601-014-X

Reviewed by Tanya



 “Can’t Say No” by Emma Wildes

Helen Richmond has it all to the outside world; she has fantastic parents, is aristocratic and is now engaged to a Duke.  The only problem is that she despises the man, and knows she can never live with him, let alone marry him.  So she sets about to change her fate.  She is attracted to Wade “Wicked” Warrick who is one of the newest libertines’s to hit the ‘ton’.  So she sets out to lose her virginity to him, knowing that her fiancé will call off the wedding when he finds out.

She sneaks into Wade’s carriage and while promising anonymity makes Wade an offer that he can’t seem to refuse.  The only issue is that his reputation is just than a reputation and not reality but, he can’t seem to say no to Helen.

Now what is Wade to do as he definitely wants more of Helen, he wants her as wife but there is no way her father will let him court him.  Or will he?  Just maybe these two will get together, if they both live long enough, as they are both suddenly the recipients of nefarious deeds.

I enjoyed Helen and Wade’s adventure.  I even had a bit of a hard time telling who was behind the intrigue.   “Can’t Say No” was a wonderful fast paced historical romance with more than one twist and turn.

Kissed by Fateby Lara Santiago

Lizzie is the definition of a workaholic; in this case it is a studyaholic as she is still in college.  While her sister loves to have fun and go to parties Lizzie tends to stay away from that scene until one night when her sister coerces her to go to a frat party.  What she doesn’t know is that this will be the best decision of her life.  She has never connected with any of the men she has dated and definately never enjoyed kissing.  That is until she kisses Alex as an entrance fee to the frat party.  Now she is ready to do what ever it takes to have an evening with this man.  Good lord she is convinced that he even tastes like chocolate when they passionately kiss.  But is she willing to accept all that Alex will reveal about himself?

Alex of Tiburon knows what he likes and what he doesn’t and one thing he doesn’t like is the pussy woman that everyone seems to think he will become “life-partners” with.  Instead he breaks their relation off and talks his family into letting him spend some time on Earth (the planet of his mother) with another of their kind and learn more about the planet and their customs.  What he doesn’t count on is falling in love with Lizzie, or the plot to kill his sister back on Tiburon.  Now how can he have his love and still do his duty?

Lizzie and Alex are the perfect pair, as they are both what the other has needed.  Ms. Santiago does a wonderful job in showing how these “star crossed” lovers were meant to be.  I thoroughly enjoyed the concept of “Kissed by Fate” as well as the execution.

The Sins of Their Fathers is an interesting combination for a combination book.  One story is a historical romance while the other is a sci-fi romance.  While it is an odd combination I find both authors have a fantastic writing style and I enjoyed both books.  The Sins of Their Fathers would be a great book to pick up if you are unsure if you like either genre and yet are willing to try it.  Also if you are a fan of either author The Sins of Their Fathers is a must for your collection.


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