The Rogue and The Rival by Maya Rodale



ISBN: 978-0425224526

Reviewed by Niki Lee



Angela Palmerston has been cloistered away in an abbey where she fled after she was ruined by the man she loved.  In those six years, she has delayed taking her orders because she feels she is missing something.  And then one night, a broken, bloody man comes to the abbey needing medical attention.

Lord Phillip is known as a Notorious Rake, a man who ruins women left and right, drinks himself to oblivion every night and gambles away every penny he finds.  With Angela as his nurse, however, he learns that arrogance and petulance are not the best way to handle his affairs.  There is a mutual attraction between them, but both their pasts get in the way.

As he tries to get better, both medically and personally, Angela finds herself feeling emotions and needs she thought had been destroyed.  And neither one realizes that there is challenge to their relationship in the form of a rival.

The Rogue and The Rival is a story of their growing love. It was wonderful and fun to read.  So many women dream of reforming the unreformable, and this is an excellent way to read that dream vicariously.  While Angela’s doubts get a bit tiring after awhile, the story still unfolds with unexpected twists and turns, and the relationship is still a great love story.


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