The Prada Paradox by Julie Kenner

Codebreaker Trilogy, Book 3

Downtown Press


ISBN: 0743496159

Reviewed by Emma




As a child, she started making her mark on Hollywood. It helped develop her Prada addiction. Being attacked by a crazed fan cut short Devi Taylorís rise to the top of Hollywood. Now poised to do a comeback, she lands the role of a lifetime, the lead in The Givenchy Code, a high-budget action-adventure flick. One drawback is that her costar is her ex. An ex she split with very publicly and the tabloids bring back the details as often as they can.

Blake is still in love with Devi.  He just hopes he can make her see he is not as much of an idiot as he made himself out to be. The Givenchy Code is his big break.  Hopefully, he can work with Devi amid the shadows of the past.

The tabloids will not let either Devi or Blake forget the past. Devi is dragged into a deadly game that freakily mirrors the movie she is attempting to complete. . Add a second crazed fan to the mix, and life can get a bit complicated. But there is always Prada.

The Prada Paradox starts with a bang, and keeps up the pace throughout. Ms. Kenner throws in enough clues to make life interesting for Devi and Blake. You suspect certain details that she then throws into the air. A well played mystery and romance. The Prada Paradox throws an interesting look at online games and possibilities that life can throw at you. A thoroughly enjoyable read. 


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