Spaceport: Sugar and Spice

by Tuesday Morrigan

Spaceport Series

Changeling Press

Sci-Fi Futuristic, Ménage

ISBN: 978-1-60521-081-0

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Sugar Lawson is known throughout the galaxy as the assassin Justifier.   Justifier rights wrongs, and is often the champion of victims preyed upon by ruthless criminals like Dovio Broaki.  When she’s asked to take on a job to eliminate Dovio and his brothers, Sugar comes face-to-face with their bodyguards, Tarragon and Anise Spice.

The Spice brothers despise their employer; still, a job is a job.  Justifier brings the lightening and the heat to them.  The tables are turned when Sugar becomes caught up and consumed by her passion for the two men.  Needless to say, Tarragon and Anise have no intention of letting her get away.

What’s Spaceport: Sugar and Spice made of?  All the fabulously delectable things that I’ve come to anticipate from a Tuesday Morrigan tale are here.  A tough and stylish heroine, hunky heroes, and a captivating plot with an array of supporting characters that add extra flavor.  Sugar and the Spice brothers get the job done while walking an erotic tightrope of desire as they dance above non-stop danger and action. 

There’s a luscious twist involving Tarragon and Anise’s origins that you don’t want to miss.  The pair surrounds Sugar, and forces her to yield before reeling her in.  I’d say she found the best cure to her loneliness and theirs.  This is the story for all those readers wanting a prescription for something naughty, fun and fresh.  It’s just what the doctor ordered.


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