Storm Warning by Sydney Somers

Shadow Destroyers, Book 3

Samhain Publishing

Erotic Paranormal

ISBN: 1-60504-192-0

Reviewed by Indy




As an investigative journalist Blair Murphy follows leads wherever they take her. Her latest leads her into the arms of a stranger. Drew Reid, an enigma that she looks forward to understanding. Drew is on his way to being burnt out, too many fights, too much responsibilities and his new role as “Father” has caused him to lose focus. Something a Destroyer can’t afford to do.

Finding out that Blair is the sister of a team mate adds another element to a relationship spiraling out of control. Their situation goes from bad to worse when a Storm demon’s attack causes Blair to be besieged by powers that are slowly raveling out of control. Drew will need all of his experience and strength to help Blair as the demons who use their city as a playground seem intent on harming everyone he loves.

In a book that is filled with things that go bump in the night Shadow Destroyers latest installment Storm Warning is a spectacular addition to a series that continues to excite and entertain. Drew is a hard core member of the Destroyers team who can’t seem to get a break when it comes to his life and the things being thrown at him all at once. His chance meeting of a team mate’s sister seemed destined and results in a thunderous relationship, no pun intended. Blair, for the sheltered life she’s lived turns into an awesome heroine; one who made me proud as she continually processed what was happening around her and instead of wilting met most of her obstacles head on.

Sydney Somers once again created a story fraught with tension and a little mystery as the investigative story Blair is working on gets tangled into the world she’s now forced to live. Demons and gifted saviors seem like second nature as Blair and Drew come to terms with more than just their love for each other. Readers will recognize some of the power players from Books 1 & 2 and will fall in love I’m sure with the latest addition. Storm Warning is a cure for the chills of winter as it sweeps you into the life of another Destroyer falling in love.


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