Spells of Seduction by Sapphire Blue
Midnight Showcase
Paranormal, Fantasy
ISBN: 1555-5488
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Three hundred years ago, a very powerful Kane witch cast a spell cursing the world because her mortal husband didnít stand beside her when the village folk crucified her because of their fear of witchcraft. If three of her descendants didnít find their mortal true love and marry before the Samhain once every thirty years, the world would forever be cursed with evil prevailing over good.

The time had come for the Kane witch siblings Geneva, Wesley and Lacey Dixon to fulfill their destiny.  Yet, neither of the siblings had found love and time was running out because in two months the Samhain would be upon them. Fate, along with the some assistance of their grandmother, decided to step in by bringing their mortal soulmates into their lives. The question now became whether the partners of Geneva, Wesley and Lacey would be willing to marry a virtual stranger for the better good?

Meet Geneva Dixon and her mate Sterling Davis:

Geneva owned a small, very successful clothing store, and she was tired of huge company investors trying to buy her out. When Sterling Davis showed up at her on her doorstep, she just knew he was there to force her into selling. 

Meet Wesley Dixon and his mate Danica Matthews:

For the past year, both Wesley and Danica had been dreaming of one another; yet neither knew the otherís name. Then one day while researching for her college paper, Danica learned the identity of her dream man. From that moment forth, she knew she had to meet him in person.

Meet Lacey Dixon and her mate J.T. Bailey:

A renowned romance author, J.T. Bailey needed to get away from everyday life in order to overcome his writerís block, so his agent sent him to a remote hideaway island hoping this would inspire him to write. J.T. never thought he would actually meet and instantly become attracted to a woman named Lacey Dixon, whom he had created in his imagination as his current heroine.

Spells of Seduction was an intriguing tale.  Each one of the Dixon siblings had his/her own shine in the spotlight with a short story on how they met their mate.  Each storyline was uniquely different; yet, similar in the fact that each instantly met and fell in love with the partner who would complete their destiny. By the end, everything came together in a full circle to form a united front in a deadly battle of good verse evil. I sincerely enjoyed reading Spells of Seduction


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