Sorenís Surrender by Anna Leigh Keaton

Incognito, Book 10

Cobblestone Press


ISBN: 978-1-60088-267-8

Reviewed by Ley




Admitting that he is gay and a submissive was a big step for James Williams, joining Incognito D/s club was an even bigger step.  Incognito has been Jamesí once a week escape. Itís where he can forget about the declining health of his grandfather and only living relative, his failing hardware store and the fact that it took ten years of marriage before he was able to come to terms with the truth that heís gay.  Coming to Incognito also allowed him to look upon the face of Soren, the most beautiful man he has ever seen and the sexiest Dom in the BDSM club.

Being a top Dom does not mean you are immune to heartbreak, Soren knows that all to well.  This is why he sticks with sex only encounters with the slaves of Incognito.  He vows to never place his heart in the hands of another submissive, but James isnít just any submissive and Soren finds himself falling for the strong- willed man.

Sorenís Surrender is fantastic.  Soren and James are overflowing with sexual chemistry and love.  The storyline is fantastic and Anna Leigh Keaton characters are very likable especially Pop.  Romance, compassion and love are in abundance in this story and I very much enjoyed Sorenís Surrender.  Readers looking for a story that will get their hearts racing, blood boiling and leave them smiling from ear to ear, Sorenís Surrender is the perfect choice.


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