Solstice by Sean Michael

Torquere Press

Fantasy M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60370-043-6

Reviewed by Lisa



Outside the village nestled in a wooded glade happily lived the lovers Aquan and Liet.  In fact the only time there was unhappiness was when Liet left their home and tended people in other villages.  Liet was gifted with magic and used his skills to aid others whereas Aquan had none.

Aquan expected his lover home within days when he spotted a beautiful calla lily in their garden.  To preserve the flower until Liet returned Aquan took one of Liet’s magic stones from his workroom and chanted the words he thought his lover used.  But, everyone knows you shouldn’t mess with magic unless you know exactly what you’re doing or something horrible could happen…

Solstice is a very entertaining fairytale written exclusively for adults!  This story runs the gamut of emotions with a complete focus on soul mates and redemption.  Gentle in the telling yet sizzling carnal scenes fill the story of these two lovers. Solstice will sweetly blow your socks off!


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