Solarion Heat by Kathleen Scott

Samhain Publishing

Erotic, Sci-fi

ISBN: 1-59998-702-3

Reviewed by Erys



Kara Zare knows being a visionary isn't as easy as some say it is. Most people steer clear of her because of both the fear of the unknown, and their worry that she might discover things they would prefer remain hidden.

Unfortunately, she's on a mission to save civilization. A mission with a Team Leader who not only doubts her abilities, but sets her body on fire with desire. And now that they've landed on the hottest planet imaginable, things begin to get even more complicated.

Solarion Heat was a smoking hot read. I enjoyed the intricacies of the planet, and the way Jonah and Kara interacted with each other when the rest of the team wasn't around. Sizzling, and sweet, I enjoyed their developing romance even when they didn't realize it.

Miss Scott has created a planet both lovely and deadly. The way she described it was such that I could picture it in my mind, yet I wasn't encumbered with a barrage of information that wasn't needed or was repetitive. I would love to read more from this talented author in both this world, and others.


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