Smart Girls Think Twice by Cathie Linz

Berkley (Sensation)


ISBN: 9780425226483

Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Emma Riley is a sociologist and as such, is focused on what makes people think and act the way they do.  With a huge project and a possible appointment to a new position on the line, Emma returns to her hometown with one focus in mind – a research project that could launch her career.  Now, if only she can get Jack Slayter to agree to be her test subject things would work out for her just as she wants them.  Only…Jake Slayter just basically told Emma to butt out of his business and leave his bar. It seems that Jake is like all the other men Emma has come into contact with – they didn’t want her to be around them either.

As soon as the brainy albeit maybe nerdy woman walks into his bar, Jake knows she is nothing but trouble.  Finding out what she does for a living is icing on the cake – the brainiac is a no-go.  But Jake finds it hard to resist her.  He has to be strong, however, because no one knows the real reason he has come to Rock Creek, and if he has his way, no one will. 

Unlike Jake, I didn’t judge Emma by her cover.  I found her to be an extremely smart but well adjusted heroine.  She knew what she needed to do to get her project and her life in order.  She also knew that Jake was interested in her but unwilling to either trust his instincts or his heart. So she took the choice from him and loved him just the way he was. 

Charming laughter, great plot, connected characters – Cathie Linz’s Smart Girls Think Twice has it all. 


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