Sideways Position by J.M. Snyder

The Positions of Love, Book 12

Amber Allure

Erotic M/M Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-60272-421-1

Reviewed by Nannette



When Matt diLorenzo takes his slightly reluctant lover Vic Braunson home to meet his family for Thanksgiving, heís not sure who to be more worried about, Vic or his parents. When Vic and Matt have sex, Matt gives Vic a super power. Heís hoping this one isnít as obvious as when Vic could set things on fire or when he grew hair all over his body.  More importantly, Matt wants his family to love Vic as much as he does.

As usual, The Positions of Love stories leave me with a smile on my face. Matt and Vic are two of my all time favorite characters. Their love is unbeatable, the sex is really hot, and their day-to-day lives are a combination of sweet and wild. In Sideways Position, Vicís insecurity sneaks through again. He looks like a scary biker dude but heís really as soft and cuddly as a teddy bear. When the insecurity switches to Matt, Vic is there for him, reassuring and helping him through.  Matt has a great family and Vicís new super power helps him fit in just right. Iím sad to see these short stories end, but Iím looking forward to whatever else J.M. Snyder has in store for Vic and Matt!  


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