Shotgun Bride by Lauri Robinson

The Quinter Brides, Book 1

The Wild Rose Press

Historical Western

ISBN 1-60154-368-9

Reviewed by Tanya




Jessie Johnson is an orphan; she only has her brother to help her make her way in life.  The only problem is that this brother is the “king of the get rich scheme” that never pans out.  His latest has landed her in a situation where she is to wed a man she has never met, who doesn’t want to get married, or she risks her brother hanging as a horse thief.  It is a good thing that Kid is willing to go through with the wedding and make the best of a tense situation.

As time progresses it seems that Jessie and Kid are getting to be more than friends, though they are scheduled to dissolve the marriage after an appropriate amount of time.  They seem to be thinking of each other more as man and wife.  But will Kid give up his big plan to import a “fancy wife” from England and see the wife that is right before his eyes before it is too late?

In Shotgun Bride, Ms. Robinson has set the stage for readers to follow an intriguing western family, which is a bit out of the ordinary.  I enjoyed how Jessie learns she needs to do to make the best of any situation, and how she and Kid slowly fall into love.  I enjoyed the writing style and the overall story.  I hope that Ms. Robinson writes a story about all of the Quinter boys and they all live up to the lively nicknames that she has given them.  If you are a fan of western/homesteading/cattle ranching romance stories than you will want to pick up Shotgun Bride by Lauri Robinson.


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