Sexy Secret Santa by Liz Andrews

Loose Id

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-59632-843-3

Reviewed by Jo




Molly Zaworski was looking forward to her first holiday as part of a couple until she broke up with her boyfriend and found out exactly what he thought of her.  She just wants to forget this time of year and has no hope for getting into the Christmas spirit.  Now she has to act all happy for the week-long, office Secret Santa thing.  Her Secret Santa gifts are making her feel hot and sexy, but who can it be?

Josh Bachman has wanted Molly ever since her interview months ago.  He just learned a bit ago that her relationship ended and now, it is his time to strike.  Being one of her bosses is going to make it tricky but Josh is going to be tricky and sexy in his gift choices.  After all, he knows what he wants under HIS tree this year and he plans on giving Santa a nudge.

Sexy Secret Santa deals with a man who knows what he wants and a woman who has doubts about her appeal.  Molly has recently been dealt a blow to her self-esteem.  She canít see how anyone would be interested in her right now.  Josh wants nothing more than to have a close and personal meeting with Molly in his office or was that across his desk?  I watched as Molly was shocked and then intrigued by her secret gifts, wondering the entire time who it could be.  Being a full-figured person myself, I was happy to watch Josh plan his attack and then show Molly what matters and what doesnít.  Molly and Josh together were highly erotic, even if both parties didnít know who the other one was.  Ms. Andrews has given us a romance that makes you happy to read the genre.  The fun and eroticism just adds to the storyline. Sexy Secret Santa is a holiday romance but one you will want to read anytime of the year


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