Sex Me All About by Tianna Xander

and Bonnie Rose Leigh

Triad, Book 6



ISBN 1-55410-770-9

Reviewed by Tanya



Brandy is human, but she was adopted by a family of shifters and has adopted their culture and ways.  She is even supportive of the triads and their beliefs.  So it is of interest when she meets the two dragon males, as they intrigue her even though she only is able to glance at them before her brothers whisk her off.  You see she has always dreamed of dragons since she was a little girl and believed they were just a myth.

When Brandy decided to be brave and approach Damir and Kaylen she finds they are as attracted to her as she is to them.  Not only that but now she is learning more about herself as her dreams of the goddess turn out to be more than just dreams.  She is the granddaughter of the goddess and the female of the final triad.  Can they all overcome the stumbling blocks in their way to become the final triad and accept their first mission? 

Will they live to be able to conduct a mating ceremony?  And will they all live through their first battle?

The last piece of the puzzle is finally in place for the Triad series.  With Sex Me All About you have the final triad and what can one say about a triad with two sexy dragons, other than yum?  Brandy learns a lot about herself and her past in this story and it will not disappoint those who have followed the Triad series from the first.  I am glad this dynamic writing tour didn’t end the series with Sex Me All About, and in fact continued the adventures with Children of the Triad series so we are able to see Damir, Brandy and Kaylen again in the future.  Sex Me All About is a very fast paced erotic story that can be read alone but I have to recommend the entire series to anyone who likes it.


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