Sexation by Alice Gaines



ISBN: 978-1-60521-089-6

Reviewed by Elysia




Who would ever suspect that a subscription to a dirty magazine would result in an alien thinking you are a doctor of sex and able to help him fulfill his wildest imaginings? Carly sure as hell didnít, and neither did her husband Randall. And he isnít pleased about it at all. But now that It, is here, what can they do but teach him everything they know about sex, and maybe learn a little bit about their own relationship on the way.

I really liked Sexation by Alice Gaines. Carly and Randall have the problem that so many couples do after years together, the sex becomes infrequent, boring, stale. Life gets in the way of living sometimes, and you reach the point you donít know how to change it. It the Twenty-third (thatís the alienís name) helps Carly and Randall break out of that shell. Reminds them that life isnít only about work and bills and making the next promotion. This was a fun, hot read, and made me want an It to come visit me, too. It also makes me want to go check what else Ms. Gaines has in store for her readers.


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