Seduction Becomes Her by Shirlee Busbee

Zebra Books

Paranormal Historical

ISBN: 978-0-8217-8026-8

Reviewed by Ley



Charles Weston, troubled by events from his past, came to Cornwall looking for answers.  The last thing he expected on his quest was to encounter Daphne Beaumont.  Caught in an unavoidable compromising position, Charles knew he had to do the honorable thing and marry the beauty he encountered on the beach. 

Daphne, the guardian of her two youngest siblings, has always had the worry of protecting her family and looking after them financially.  When her brother is named heir to relativeís estate in Cornwall, Daphne felt the burden was finally being lifted from her and she could live her life for herself, but then Charles happened along.

Daphne and Charles soon discover that society scandals are the least of their worries when demonic secrets from their past threaten to destroy them.

Seduction Becomes Her is the follow-up to Scandal Becomes Her and a very intense follow-up at that.  Itís been more than two years since his brotherís death and Charles is still disturbed by the evil his brother was capable of and is having a hard time dealing with it. I really liked that Julian and Nell had a presence in the sequel and seeing where their life was after the last book ended was really nice.  Charles and Daphneís love developed over time and the pace of it fit well with their characters personality.  As with the prequel Seduction Becomes Her is filled with suspense, and Daphne brings to it a paranormal aspect. Seduction Becomes Her is a very fascinating story, but to fully enjoy it I suggest reading the prequel first.  Readers looking for more than just a historical romance will enjoy Seduction Becomes Her.


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