Seducing The Stones by Kathy Kulig

Ellora’s Cave

Paranormal, M/M

ISBN: 978-1-419913-14-3

Reviewed by Raine




Carolyn Moyer hiked to Appalachians in October to prove to herself that she could tough it out on her own…without a man. While on the mountain she encounters a white stag and Rory, an alluring man. What Carolyn does not realize is that when she decided to take this trip she would be taking a magical journey with a man she barely knows.

Carolyn seems naive and close minded when it comes to Rory. She wants to dismiss him and spend her time in solitude but best laid plans do not always go the way we wish them to. Rory, cursed by the Sidhe, must do his best to sway the lovely Carolyn into helping him. If he can gain her trust and belief in him the curse could possibly be broken.  Seducing The Stones has a great storyline that is action packed and will keep you spellbound.


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