Scent of Danger by Judith Rochelle

Phoenix Agency, Book 3

The Lotus Circle

Paranormal/Action Adventure

ISBN: 9781419980701

Reviewed by Tanya



Rick Latrobe, partner in the Phoenix Agency is getting ready for a tough assignment in Iraq and a lot of planning and preparation has gone into this security assignment.  If only he could figure out why he keeps feeling like there is something wrong.  When home for a last minute planning session, he meets Kelly Monroe, who was on her way back to Maine, but stopped to see her Grandfather on the way (Hank runs the airport for the Phoenix Agency).  Rick is instantly drawn to Kelly and can’t put her out of his mind.

Kelly is stunned by not only her instant attraction to Rick but Xena her Caucasian Ovcharka (CO) took an immediate liking to—even bonding with—Rick Latrobe.  This is unheard of as CO’s tend to bond with those that have trained them and are their “family”.  Xena is a bit more special than most CO’s in that she seems to have a special bond with Kelly and even seems to invade her dreams.  This becomes more prominent when Xena senses that Rick is in danger, driving Kelly nuts.

As things go drastically wrong in Iraq, suddenly Rick is on the run from the government, but supported by his fellow Phoenix members, he and Kelly seem to be growing closer.  But will Xena be able to help them determine who was behind the disaster in Iraq?  And will Rick and Kelly give into their desires and figure out how to make their relationship more permanent?

While Scent of Danger continues the work of Ms. Rochelle and The Lotus Circle it does take a bit of a side step with the addition of Xena, and an interesting one at that.  Yes I like many others had to Google® the dog breed to learn more while reading Scent of Danger.  The Phoenix Agency is still thriving and Rick finally gets his story though with his story might be the end of both Rick and the Agency if the mysterious entity gets their way.  As usual Ms. Rochelle pulled me in at the beginning and didn’t let me go until she wrapped up the story.  If you love action adventure romances with strong alpha males, and are open to a bit of psychic powers you must get Scent of Danger.  Actually you need to get the entire Phoenix Agency collection.


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