Scandal Becomes Her by Shirlee Busbee

Zebra Books


ISBN: 978-0-8217-8024-4

Reviewed by Ley



After an accident left her damaged by society standards heiress Nell Ansloweís life changed dramatically.  The beautiful heiress was left lame, abandoned by her fiancťe and plagued with nightmares that continuously haunted her over the ten years since the accident.  At twenty-nine Nell didnít think any man would want to marry her until Lord Tynedale requested her hand.  In her refusal Nell never expected Lord Tynedaleís desperation to save his failing fortune would lead to him kidnapping her. During a storm Nell escaped her captor and took refuge in an abandoned hut. Her safe haven was soon disrupted when she woke to find that she was no longer alone.

Thrown from his horse, Julian Weston, the Earl of Wyndham took shelter in the same hut where Nell was hiding.  When Julian attempts to physically show Nell that it was not safe for her stay in the hut all alone, Nellís rescuers choose that moment to come to her aid.  To save Nellís honor she and Julian are forced to wed.

As major changes occur in her life again, Nellís nightmares do not stop.  As her nightmares become more frequent and much more vivid Nell begins to realize that her dreams may be based on reality.

Scandal Becomes Her is a sweet historical romance amidst a gruesome psychological thriller.  I really liked the fact that Julian listened to Nell and didnít dismiss her nightmares as something that would pass or tried to explain them away.  The plot was well thought out and the entire book was very engrossing.  Scandal Becomes Her is a story of deception, suspense, murder and of course love.  I found it highly entertaining and Iím certain other readers will too.


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